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Welcome, and Club Instructions & Rules

To those new here, welcome to the NaruTen Club! This club has been created for those of us who share a common interest in loving the pairing of Naruto/Tenten and/or the characters of Naruto and/or Tenten. Whether you become a member or just a watcher, we welcome you aboard to join us with our share interest in this pairing and/or the characters. :)

Please note that it's understandable that canon-wise, NaruTen will not ever happen. Yet it's fun to imagine the possibilities if Naruto and Tenten do get together. That's what we all have in common in the NaruTen Club. We just love imagining the possibilities. ;)


:pointr: Rules of Conduct

:bulletred: One should respect others' rights to their opinions and likes/dislikes. No anti stuff, hateful rhetoric, major bashing, etc. of any pairings, characters, and/or other deviants. The club is a place for those to share mutal love of the pairing, characters, and the series.

In other words, say a person is a NejiTen fan and does not like the notion of NaruTen. If that person comes here to spew hateful words, etc., that person will not be welcome here at all. However, if the person instead came here and say he/she is a Tenten fan, even though he/she does not believe in NaruTen, he/she will be welcome here.

The same goes true the other way around. No club member/watcher will use this club to start anything immoral against other deviants, clubs, and groups of supporting other pairings and characters.

:bulletred: If say a member/watcher done an immoral act against other clubs, deviants, etc., that person will be banned from the NaruTen Club.

:pointr: Club Guidelines & Stuff

:bulletblue: To join as a member, one can either try the 'Join the Group' button or simply leave a comment and the Club Founder or Administrator will send you an Invite to join.

:bulletblue: Members are encourage to draw art and/or write fanfic regarding NaruTen, Naruto, and/or Tenten, not only to add to their own galleries but to the NaruTen Club's gallery as well. This includes the making of club banners, icons, avatars, etc.

Note that if say a member drew art and/or written fanfic of other pairings and/or characters, please submit them to other clubs or groups that support those pairings or characters. Keep contributions to NaruTen Club to either NaruTen, Naruto, or Tenten. Thank you.

:bulletblue: All art/fics must be drawn/written by the person submitting. The only exceptions are art commissions which the person paid another artist to draw the work. The NaruTen Club will not accept works not done by the person contributing the work. DeviantArt is not Photobucket and other picture-storage sites where people can post other people's works without permission.

:bulletblue: When submitting/contributing art, please place the art in its proper category of either NaruTen, Naruto, or Tenten. This way all art are categorized correctly, leaving the Featured folder for the Weekly Featured Art.

:bulletblue: Members are welcome to make recommendations of art and/or fics that can be place in the Favorites/Collections section. Like the Gallery, the Favorites/Collections are divided into NaruTen, Naruto, and Tenten. The Founder or Administrator will check each recommendation out to see if it fits the criterias (NaruTen, Naruto, or Tenten) to put in the Favorites/Collection section.

:bulletblue: Members are welcome to make suggestions for polls, contests, etc. The Founder or Administrator will make a blog for members and watchers to hold a discussion over suggestions that require big commitments, say a drawing contest.

:bulletblue: The NaruTen Club welcomes to be affiliates of other groups and clubs within reason. For a club or group to become an affiliate of the NaruTen Club, the club or group's founder, co-founder, or administrator should leave a comment that he/she wants to affiliate with the NaruTen Club. After that, he/she must place the NaruTen Club's icon in their club or group's affiliate's list within a few days. In turn, the NaruTen Club's founder will do the same. Simple as that.

It's easy to do this with the Affiliate widget. On the top of your group's page should be the 'Affiliate' button. Press it and type in the group you want to affiliate before sending the invite. Make sure you *add* the Affiliate widget on your group's page in order to have your affiliates properly display out of fairness to them in affiliating with your group, this includes the NaruTen Club.

If a group does not display the Affiliate widget or bother displaying their affiliates on their main page, the group will be remove from the NaruTen Group's Affiliate widget and Affiliate page.

Note that due to the NaruTen Club's Rules of Conduct, the NaruTen Club will not become affiliates of groups or clubs that condone any negative thoughts and/or actions against any pairings and/or characters.

:bulletorange: Once a week, the Club's Founder will choose an art out of the Club's gallery to be the Featured Art of the week. If one like to see your NaruTen, Naruto, or Tenten art be the Featured Art, one can contribute to the Club's gallery. When contributing, please place the art either in the NaruTen, Naruto, or Tenten galleries. Thank you.


By following these rules, everyone can have a good time at the NaruTen Club as we share art, fics, and topics over our favorite pairing and/or characters. Let's make it a great place to show our love. Okay? ;)

:pointr: Disclaimers: Oh, one last thing... The Great God Kishimoto has full copyright of the entire Naruto Universe, including Naruto and Tenten. The art and fics seen here at the NaruTen Club were created out of fun with no intentions to make money. We're all having fun, that's all. :)


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Hi all! :)

Well, I have some new things to say, so I might as well make a new journal/blog to say them.

1) Updated Video Vault: I had deleted some outdated vids (no longer working) and added a link to the video of "Shippuuden Ending 15".  This vid of Ending 15 contains no text, so fans can enjoy all the great sparring action without annoying text being over the characters.

Link to vid:…

Seeing this video made me renew my love for Shippuuden Ending 15. In the series it's rare to see the characters interact together off-duty, and this shows how much fun Team Gai and Konohamaru are having accepting Naruto's spar challenge. Not to mention the added bonus to us NaruTen fans of seeing Tenten (in a hot workout outfit) sparring with Naruto. :D

2) Updated Outside Galleries: Thanks to the no-text video of Shippuuden Ending 15, I'd taken a bunch of new screen-caps of the Ending. I housed them in an album in my ImageShack account. Anyone is free to view them and use them as one please. :)

Link to album:

Oh, I also had added link to my Blogspot blog, where I house all my deleted DA commissioned art. You know.. The ones DA removed due to 'underage nudity' and/or 'sexual stuff'.

3) Possible New NaruTen Contest: I've been thinking of maybe starting a new NaruTen contest. Unlike previous contests where taken place during Naruto or Tenten's birthdays, I'm thinking of doing a Spring-Is-Here contest. Other words draw Naruto and Tenten doing something that is Spring related or to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Yet I know from observations and experience that holding a contest around April or May is not the best time for most artists due to schoolwork and studies for finals and people being busy with all types of Spring things to do.

So I truly want to hear from all you artists out there. Is it okay with you that the Club holds a contest this upcoming April or May? If I hear from plenty of you, I'll hold the contest. :)

Well, that's the news I have to announce! Until next time, take care all! :)

Club's Galleries - NaruTen / Naruto / Tenten / NaruTen & More / NaruTen Fics / Stamps, Icon, Wallpapers, Etc / Cosplay Photos
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Outside Galleries /Affiliates and Members / Affiliates' Contests and Events / Blogs / Video Vault


Naruto/Tenten fanfics - Fire & Wind Square Fanfiction Community
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Big "Thank you!" goes out to all these wonderful affiliates in supporting the NaruTen Club! Thanks! :heart:

Note: The NaruTen Club will not affiliate with anti/hate clubs. We like to spread love, not hate.



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I was wondering, since you're an affiliating group of :icongaaramatsu: would you care to advertise for our contest.
Theme: Gaara and Matsuri on vacation
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Thanks in advance:)
Thank you very much! :iconarigatouplz:
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